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Welcome to our Parent & Toddler Group, a thrilling playground for both your child and you, designed for kids aged 12-36 months. This isn’t your ordinary ‘sit-and-listen’ setup; we’re all about diving in and getting those hands mucky! We champion play-based learning to kickstart your child’s social journey and cognitive development.

Navigate the fascinating world of early parenting alongside other mums and dads. Together, we’ll engage in hands-on activities that don’t just keep your little ones entertained, but also sharpen their problem-solving skills through discovery and invention’

Why not join us? Nurture curiosity, bolster confidence, and shape those inquisitive minds, all while building a supportive community around you. We can’t wait to explore, learn, and discover with you. Are you ready? Register Herehttps://bit.ly/3Vs5ALp.

Come Play, Learn and Discover with us!

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