Holiday Club Explores Butterfly Park

There’s an exciting world of opportunity on our island, which our School Holiday Club students love to explore so that we can connect what we have learnt in class to the real world.

Our Primary School Holiday Clubbers loved their trip to Entopia Penang, one of the largest butterfly gardens in Malaysia. 

Our curious learners glided into a colourful greenhouse of floating butterflies, creeping insects and gracefully lazing reptiles munching on giant plants. As we explored with eyes wide open we connected with nature and appreciated the essential ecological roles such critters play.

We already knew about the life cycle of a butterfly from class but when you repeat that knowledge, and see it up close, that’s when learning sticks and memories are made.

At the end of the trip our fearless clubbers bravely handled some cold-blooded animal friends. The next school holiday club runs from 12 – 23 December. Find out more about our upcoming holiday clubs and fun activities here.