School Life

Typical Day

Curious about what student life is like at our school? Here’s a sneak peek.

School Calendar & Term Dates

See our full calendar and get the latest updates on school events and happenings here.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities provide wonderful opportunities for children to nurture their passions and broaden their horizons beyond the classroom. See what we have to offer.

After School Clubs

We always aim to offer parents flexibility, with an optional programme of activities on offer every day after school until 6pm. Book one or multiple days to suit your family schedule.

Super Saturday School

Our optional fun Saturday School keeps children entertained from 9am – 1pm. See what sparks your child’s interest.

School Holiday Programme

An excellent choice for school holiday childcare in Penang. This is an affordable and convenient way of keeping children occupied throughout the school holidays. Book your spot.

Straits Parents’ Society

Don’t let the children have all the fun, join our new parents’ social club, Straits Parents’ Society, and experience new learning and meet other parents.

Student Leadership

Learn how our supportive community provides students with avenues to build leadership skills.

Making A Difference

A balanced education includes finding one’s role and purpose in the broader community. See how our students are supporting the less fortunate.