After School Club

Our After School Club supports children to expand their curiosity and discover new interests, with an optional rich programme of activities running from the end of the school day until 5pm.

Open to the public.

Many parents rely on the support of longer hours and a flexible schedule for their children. These optional extended days are packed with popular activities, within a relaxed and safe learning environment. Pick one day or all five to suit your family schedule.

After School Clubs

Yoga & Puzzles

Crafty Arts




Term 1 (23 August – December 2023) activities and prices are stated below. Register your interest here:

Kidz Club Music Lessons Sports
Activities start from 4pm until 5pm at RM600 per week per term.

  • Monday – Imaginative Story-Telling
  • Tuesday – Mystery-Solving Adventures
  • Wednesday – Crafty Kidz
  • Thursday – Kidz Yoga & Dance
  • Friday (2.15pm until 5pm only) – Homework revision & Games (Indoor & Outdoor)

Note: Monday – Thursday is charged at RM100 per day per term,
Friday is RM200 per term

Instruments include: Drums, Violin, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, French Horn, Synthesizer

  • Monday to Thursday – RM780 for 1:1 lesson, RM520 for 2:1 lesson.
    • 30 minutes lesson for each instrument
  • All-Instrument Friday at RM100 (2.15pm until 4pm only).
  • Swimming (Ages 7-16) – Monday, RM580 (without snacks: RM520)
    • 10 Lessons – 4 Sept to 20 Nov
  • Swimming (Ages 3-6) – Wednesday, RM580 (without snacks: RM520)
    • 11 Lessons – 6 Sept to 22 Nov
  • Basketball (all ages) – Tuesday, RM370 (without snacks: RM320)
    • 12 Lessons – 29 Aug to 21 Nov