Why Choose Us?

More than 400 Students from 17 Countries
Amazing Learning Philosophy
Cambridge curriculum for English, Mathematics & Science
130+ Co-curricular Activities
100% IGCSE pass rate
Expat Teachers for All English Lessons
English as an Additional Language Support
Option to Learn Mandarin Every Day
A - A* English, Mathematics & Science
Celebrating Ten Years of Growing, Together
After School Club Until 6pm
School Holiday Club
Rigorous British Curriculum within an International Setting
Well-equipped 90,000 sq ft campus
Part of the International Schools Partnership
Every child has their own combination of skills and talents, but these can only flourish to the full when they are within a supportive and nurturing environment that enables them to explore their capabilities without fear of failure. At Straits International School Penang, we pride ourselves on being just this community. Here are four reasons to choose us for your child’s education.

Educating Holistically

Academic achievement is key to success in life but is not the only measure of growth. At Straits International School Penang, we aim to develop our students physically, socially and emotionally, in addition to intellectually. We do this by providing a balanced education based on the Cambridge International Curriculum, and through a wide range of co-curricular activities and after school clubs.

Educating Collaboratively

We believe that learning today is most effective when there is a strong element of co-creation by students, teachers and parents in the process, both inside and beyond the classroom. It is equally important that students develop a spirit of “learning together” – learning to encourage and receive encouragement, to trust and be trustworthy, to inspire and be inspired – in their journey of growth.

Educating Individually

Every student is an individual, with their own personality, ambitions, values, and way of learning. At Straits International School Penang, students are not pigeon-holed but rather encouraged to explore the limits of their abilities and the extent of their passions. We also offer extensive learning support for students who have special education needs or require language support.

Educating Globally

As part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), we benefit from the resources, unique educational approaches and rich educational experience of a group with 60 schools across 17 countries, giving our students the opportunity to grow in international settings with learners from around the world.

In empowering the growth of our students, all our teachers are guided by ISP’s Amazing Learning philosophy. Amazing Learning happens when students embrace the “good struggle”, persevering through obstacles in their learning to emerge on the other side stronger and more confident in their own abilities. It sets the tone for the rest of their lives, teaching them that any barrier can be overcome with the right mindset.

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