International Primary School Penang

Straits is now part of ISP! What does that mean for my child?

Something amazing has happened in Penang!

Straits International School Penang, founded in 2012, has achieved many milestones – including moving to a new campus in Bayan Lepas in 2016, and the latest news includes the school being acquired by the International Schools Partnership (ISP).

Who is International Schools Partnership (ISP)?

The International Schools Partnership (ISP) is responsible for a growing network of schools around the world, all of which are supported to be the School of Choice in their local area. Every ISP school is committed to getting better, all the time.

ISP’s growing network of private and international schools are located in 17 countries, including the USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, India, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Vietnam, and soon Thailand.

The group has now expanded to 60 schools delivering multiple curricula and building on learning provision and reputations with around 50,000 students and 7,500 staff in 17 countries across the globe.

What does it mean to be under the leadership of the International Schools Partnership (ISP)?

Leading an organisation – in this case, an international school – is challenging, especially if you do not have direct access to additional help, counsel or finance.

The International Schools Partnership (ISP) recognises this ongoing issue, and members of ISP can receive major benefits to schools of all types – including international kindergarten’s primary and secondary schools.

How does being an ISP member benefit your child?

The group has a rigorous onboarding process, where global experts review all aspect of the school from learning culture, performance and operations.

The ISP’s experienced educators ensures that every school is equipped to provide amazing learning experiences for students as young as 3 years up to 18 years old. They assist children in learning at levels that astound them, and their parents, especially through the Amazing Learning philosophy.

For Straits International School Penang, being a part of an international education network – while building on ISP’s legacy of educational achievement allows us to expand collaboration with other international/ private schools across the globe, as well as gain access to a wealth of information used to the benefit of our students.

Here are some of the benefits of being a part of the international school partnership.

1. A mindset of “Always Getting Better”

Straits International School Penang is fully committed to the mindset and the essential concept of “always getting better” – as constantly worked upon by ISP. For the #AmazingLearning concept to happen – which is helping your child study at levels that astound themselves, their parents and teachers, the school must be in a continuous learning mode.

Continuous learning isn’t spoon feeding our students, it’s embracing the ride of the full learning journey. ISP teaches us that through resilience and perseverance in Good Struggles, any student can achieve excellence. Ultimately, we want our students to carry into adult life the memory of how they were able to surpass their expectation and apply this formula to any and all challenges they face in the course of their career and life.

Through the guidance of ISP’s Head of Learning Malaysia and together with schools under the group’s umbrella, every individual in Straits International School – regardless of job scope is required to prioritise student learning above all else.

2. Global Expertise Is Available

Schools that are a part of ISP benefit from access to ideas from education specialists all across the world – ranging from dedicated educators and child education specialists to continuously churn ideas for your child’s education and development.

Their knowledge spans the whole spectrum of school life, including techniques to improve students’ learning, health and safety concerns, human resources, finance, information technology, property, marketing, admissions, and communications activities.

Your child will definitely benefit from an enhanced learning environment and a better learning experience when schools undergo comprehensive modifications and improvements.

3. Best Practices on a Local and International Network

With Straits International School Penang being part of a global network of schools, we aim for further improvement in not only our curriculum standards, but also our standards in best practices for other areas related to the school.

For ISP, collaborations with international schools are based on mutual respect, understanding and openness. Based on their extensive knowledge of the local culture, the teachers and staff at Straits International School Penang can provide the finest solutions – for the constant improvement in both education and administration aspects – to ease your child’s learning experience throughout his/ her years here.

Meanwhile, ISP assists with extra work that extends concepts or by bringing fresh insights and views that make a significant difference in the entire school curriculum.

4. Opportunities for International Cultural Learning

Straits International School Penang is all for learning experiences beyond the classroom, and ISP offers numerous international cultural learning opportunities for your child to obtain and exchange useful knowledge and priceless experiences with students from other countries. This is a crucial component part of their learning experience.

The ISP Model United Nations, the ISP Buddy Exchange Program, and the ISP International Summer Camp are the three major ISP programmes available for your child to participate during their time here in Straits International School. These overseas programs are unique to ISP, and they complement the schools’ other international exchanges. For the full list of exciting programmes students can choose from go to international learning opportunities for students

5. Improving Student Outcomes through Better Assessment

Parents depend on the feedback of teachers as well as their results and personality developments from school.

Together with ISP, Straits International School Penang collaborates closely with teachers to ensure that lessons are continually focused on helping children improve and realise their full potential. The ISP Regional team helps us develop better learning techniques and tracking outcomes, and the school looks forward to improving student outcomes as ISP Schools in Malaysia introduce GL Assessments. Straits International School will supplement Cambridge Checkpoint exams in Year 6 and Year 9, with GL Assessment in Year 1 – 9.

To ensure the education quality for your child, an impartial panel of specialists examines the development of schools in the ISP group regularly. All of this information is gathered to establish a rich bank of quantitative and qualitative evidence that all ISP schools can utilise to guide and grow their continuous improvement programmes.

Growing in Confidence and Quality

With this new ISP membership, Straits International School Penang continues to provide the best quality education for your child through the offered British curriculum, using Cambridge syllabus for English, Mathematics and Science, and through their achievements in Amazing Learning – to push boundaries and Grow Beyond.

The purpose and principles of ISP are concluded with the phrase, ‘Our students’ success is our success.’ That is why our international kindergarten private secondary, and private primary schools are delighted to be a member of ISP—the organisation is always working to improve schools, teachers, and students.

Find out how your child can grow at Straits International School Penang by getting in touch with our Admissions Team today!