Celebrating our Global Family

When you step into Straits International School Penang, you’ll feel our welcoming environment that celebrates cultural diversity among students and staff. Our British international school takes pride in creating an inclusive atmosphere, and we organised a fun International Day celebration to celebrate our global community on 17 March 2023.

During the International Day event,  students from over 17 countries came together to showcase their unique cultures through traditional outfits, food and activities. The celebration provided an opportunity for us all to learn about other cultures, foster understanding and spark engaging conversations.

Outfit – Check! Passport – Check! Home-Cooked Food – Check!

The event began with students donning traditional attire and creating handmade passports for their journeys to different countries within the school. We all participated in a student parade and engaged in various activities that highlighted the different cultures represented in the school.

The Role of Food in Celebrating Diversity

The International Day event also featured an International Food Fair, where students and parents prepared and shared traditional dishes from their respective countries of origin, offering visitors a taste of global cuisine.  From mouth-watering Indian curries to delicate Japanese and Korean sushi rolls, the food fair celebrated the different cultures in our school and highlighted the power of food to bring people together.

A Harmonious Learning Environment: Celebrating Diversity Every Day

An Open Day was held during the event, inviting visitors to experience our school’s diverse culture first-hand. Our Campus Principal, Mrs Karlie, led a tour for prospective parents, showcasing the school’s unique learning atmosphere.

At Straits International School Penang, we are committed to celebrating diversity every day. We believe that embracing differences leads to collective strength and that all students should feel celebrated and appreciated. By encouraging students to embrace their roots and traditions while fostering a sense of unity and peace, the school is creating a learning environment that is not only diverse but also a harmonious and inspiring place to grow.

Discover the unique learning atmosphere at Straits International School Penang.