Launching our Entrepreneurs’ Fair

The Young Entrepreneurs’ Fair provided an exciting opportunity for students to flex their entrepreneurial muscles and learn valuable life lessons, on 11 February 2023.

From Idea to Reality: A launchpad for Young Entrepreneurs

Creative young leaders were given complete freedom and to choose their products and services to sell, and the full responsibility in handling their sale on the day. Secondary students had to submit a business proposal before working on their products, merging classroom knowledge with practical skills.

With the school’s support, students received a “bank loan” to start their businesses. They were expected to repay the loan and share their profits, teaching them about financial responsibility and management as they exercised their creativity.

Achieving Success: Recognition and Rewards

Each year group had different products on sale, ranging from handmade keychains, magnets, bead bracelets, bookmarks, to scented candles, recyclable flowerpots, origami bouquets for snack packs.

Students were assessed based not only on sales but also on categories such as teamwork, creativity, and the best-written business plan (for secondary students). The fair encouraged a well-rounded approach to entrepreneurship, pushing students to innovate, collaborate and communicate effectively.

Here’s a shoutout to the winning year groups for their exceptional entrepreneurial spirit:

Most ProfitYear 5 – BEad PositiveYear 11I – Cooperation
Fastest Selling ProductYear 3 – KeyringsYear 9S – Foodie
Most Creative ProductYear 6 – Pop ItYear 8I – Candles
Effective TeamworkYear 2 – MagnetsYear 7I – Lovely Donkey
Best Written Business Plan –Valentines Co.

Making It Happen: Real-world Experiences

The students’ hard work paid off, raising an impressive RM 6,326.10 through their unique creations. The fair gave them a chance to use their classroom knowledge in a real-life setting and learn about the challenges of running a business. The dedication and effort of the students were evident as they offered excellent customer service and managed their finances responsibly.

Thank you for Your Contributions

Thank you to our community for the support, teachers for the guidance and students for always having a great ‘can-do’ attitude!  We look forward to next year’s event!