2024 Summer Holiday Programme – Register Now

The annual Straits International School Penang’s Summer Society Holiday Programme is now Open for Registration!

We have an exciting line up for 6 weeks filled with English-incorporated activities together with a mixture of sports and outdoor trips! Breakfast and Lunch included. Book your spot today.

Week/ Time
9am – 3pm
Theme & Activities
09 July – 12 July 2024Natural Explorers

Scavenger Hunting & Adventure Journaling, Map and Terrarium-Making, Make your own Nature Guide
– Trip to Entopia (11 July)
15 July – 19 July 2024Sensory Sensations

Discover the wonders of our sensory room as you engage with a multitude of tastes, textures, sounds, smells, and sights, encouraging expression and discovery.
Document the experience when discovering the Tropical Spice Garden and Tropical Fruit Farm.
– Trips to Tropical Spice Garden (16 July), Tropical Fruit Farm (18 July)
22 July – 26 July 2024Math Explorers’ Camp & Expedition

Tap into artworks created by geometric patterns, chocolate chip baking, discover different ways of solving mathematical problems
– Trips to Tech Dome (KOMTAR) (23 July), Penang Interactive Museum (25 July)
29 July – 02 August 2024STEM Exploration

Engage in hands-on activities like building a robot hand, tackling engineering challenges, and even delving into the basics of programming.
– Trips to Babyland (30 July), The Habitat Penang Hill (1 August)
05 August – 09 August 2024Whimsical Wonders: A week of playful adventures!

Art & Crafts with Musical Chairs, Bouncy Castle & Face Painting workshop
– Trips to Kidland (6 August), Setia Spice Aquatic Centre – Splash Pool (8 August)
12 August – 16 August 2024Water & Fire Carnival

Experience captivating storytelling sessions in the underwater world and ignite creativity with firehouse crafts. Enjoy thrilling water play in the paddling pool.
– Trips to Aquarium, Movie Day (13 August), Fire Station Exploration (15 August)
*Breakfast and lunch included for all weeks

Book your spot today by filling up registration form below and we will confirm your place! https://forms.office.com/r/iceEKcAr7v

3 Reasons to join School Holiday Clubs

Children are always filled with energy and excitement, and sometimes they need to unleash that energy doing activities that benefit them. When the holidays roll around, what is the most convenient way to continue that active lifestyle? How can students spend their time wisely during the holidays?

Straits International School’s Holiday Club is a programme curated to keep your children throughout the break. Here are the top 3 reasons to join Straits Holiday Club:

Improve social skills

The programme enable students to expand their social circle. They get to mingle around with children around the same age during school holidays and making new friends in the process.

New hobbies and experiences

This programme is a great approach to cultivate a new hobby. Situated within a safe and nurturing environment, students and children can freely explore to develop new talents. Your children’s mind will be continuously stimulated and challenged.

Develop leadership skills

Our programme is designed to teach children how to handle responsibility and build confidence, while working alongside other children towards achieving common goals.

Straits Holiday Club run five times throughout each academic year in October, December, February, April and July.