October Holiday Club 2023 – Registration Open Now!

Underwater World: October Holiday Programme 2023

Straits October Holiday Programme is now Open for Registration!

Enrich your child’s mind and soul with an Underwater World themed holiday programme that will spark their curiosity and imagination. Enjoy the whole week for just RM500!

9am – 3pm
Themes & Activities
9 Oct 2023
Make a Miniature Ocean Ecosystem with a Recyclable Water Bottle
Transform a used water bottle into a captivating mini-aquarium, where sand, seashells, and plastic sea creatures allow you to bring the wonders of the ocean right to your fingertips whenever you desire.
10 Oct 2023
Amazing Adventure at Babyshark Playground
Explore Oceanic Wonders and Spark Learning Adventures at the Babyshark Playground.
11 Oct 2023
Underwater Artistry: Exploring the Ocean’s Depths Through Colors and Paper
Convert Paint Strips into Fascinating Ocean Layers & Unfold Oceanic Magic with Under the Sea Origami Adventures!
12 Oct 2023
Laguna Water Park: Splash into Pure Excitement
Explore the ultimate aquatic adventure destination. Dive into a world of excitement and cool off in style!
13 Oct 2023
Oceanic Imagination: Diving into Writing and Artistry
– Ocean Themed Writing Prompt: Explore the hidden wonders of the deep sea in your imagination.
– Jellyfish Crafts: Craft your very own enchanting jellyfish creations.

Book your spot today by filling up registration form below and we’ll call you back! https://forms.office.com/r/ksinv9RVkA

Children are a boundless source of energy and enthusiasm and channeling that vitality into productive activities can be a rewarding experience. As the holidays approach, parents often wonder how to keep their children engaged in meaningful pursuits. Look no further!

Straits International School’s Holiday Club offers a carefully crafted program designed to enrich your child’s holiday experience. Here are the top three compelling reasons to choose our Holiday Club:

Enhance Social Skills: Our program fosters the development of vital social skills. During school holidays, students have the opportunity to interact with peers of similar ages, expanding their social networks and forging new friendships.

Discover New Hobbies and Experiences: Situated within a safe and nurturing environment, our program encourages students to explore and cultivate new interests. Here, your child can freely pursue and develop talents, ensuring their minds remain engaged and stimulated throughout the break.

Foster Leadership Skills: Our program is specifically structured to instill a sense of responsibility and confidence in children. By collaborating with peers to achieve shared goals, students gain valuable leadership experience.

Join Straits International School’s Holiday Club today and provide your child with an enriching holiday experience they’ll cherish.